Reunion Recap: Did Maci And Farrah Finally Get Past Their 'Teen Mom OG' Differences?

Dr. Drew orchestrated a candid conversation, but were the two ladies able to ease the tension?

Maci and Farrah endured some unforgettable interpersonal drama during this season of "Teen Mom OG" -- from Bentley's mother quitting filming because of her cast member's belated involvement on the MTV series to fiery conversations (led by Sophia's mama) that seemingly went nowhere, the two young mothers were unable to understand the other's perspective when it came to their participation on the long-running program.

But when the duo -- joined by Amber and Catelynn -- appeared on part 2 of the reunion special tonight, Dr. Drew mediated the sensitive situation and declared that he wanted to bring their bond back "together." Understandably, this statement opened the door for some healthy honesty and for the pair to express their differing opinions in a calm and meaningful way.

"I just want to move forward," the mother of two told the Texas transplant. "I want a relationship [with her.] I think we should all have a relationship."

While the entrepreneur -- who stayed relatively subdued during the interaction -- offered up a modest "I agree" to her cohort's admission, the Tennessean wanted to make something very clear about what she said during filming.

"I really, honestly never meant to hurt your feelings," M stated while looking straight at F. "It was never my goal, or for you to feel judged by me."

Even though Farrah genuinely "accepted and understood" Maci's apology, Dr. Drew expressed they still have work to do in order to get back to the place they used to be. But still, M made an eloquent point about the foursome's unique connection.

"We all know how alone we can feel in our situations, and I think it's important to know that we always have the four of us. I will always have their back because they're the only three that know exactly what we've all been through."

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