Kirstin Sinclair/Getty Images

Lorde Serves Up 'Old Money' Californian On The Cover of 'Vogue' Australia

It's easy to forget that Lorde is only 18 when the New Zealand pop sage has already done more over the past few years than most adults can even dream of. She's dominated the charts, won Grammys, and already has an unmistakable look—so much so that even Kanye West takes sartorial cues from her. That last accomplishment is precisely why her new magazine spread is all the more unrecognizable.

Lorde ditched her usual monochromatic palette for the July issue of Vogue Australia. Not only did she forego all black and her signature dark lip, she went full-on Californian. In her words, "feeling like an eccentric old-money 70s californian in givenchy for @vogueaustralia."

It's an interesting description, but we can't say she doesn't look the part in head-to-toe breezy florals. Her outfits wouldn't be out of place on Kristin Wiig in Saturday Night Live's recurring "The Californians" sketch. Lorde even mastered Wiig's long, loose waves and steely stare. Did she ask BFF Taylor Swift, who recently had a guest role in the SNL 40 edition of the sketch, for advice? Maybe, right?