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Your John Green Book May Have A Super-Positive Surprise In It

Have you ever found a Nerdfighter Note?

If you've paged through a John Green book at one point in your life, there's a chance that you've gotten a magical communique from a stranger, telling you they believe in you and that the world is, in fact, an awesome place to live. Welcome to the world of Nerdfighter Notes.

Green himself, author of "The Fault In Our Stars," "Paper Towns" and more, answered a fan on Twitter this morning wondering what the heck was going on when she found one such insanely positive letter in her copy of Green's book "Looking For Alaska."

And, yes, we agree: THEY ARE AWESOME.

As it turns out, Nerdfighter Notes began as a coordinated effort from John Green fans to "spread the awesome a little." Fans of Green, who refer to themselves as Nerdfighters, decided that the world could use a heavy dose of awesomesauce and began hiding the ultra-positive notes in Green books in bookstores and libraries, hoping to bring something special to a stranger's day.

It's a really cool phenomenon, check it out.

Have you found any Nerdfighter Notes? Are you remembering to be awesome?