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Fans Are Photoshopping Justin Bieber And Ariana Grande Together, And Some Of The Pics Look Real

Jariana for life.

Do you think Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande are perfect for each other? You're not alone. Do you love them together so much that you manipulate photos so it looks like they're a couple? Maybe not. But even if you did, still, you would not be alone.

That's right -- there's a whole community of people who are so into Jariana that they pretend they're together. So even while the two celebs are giving us plenty of moments to swoon over (remember when he showed up to her Honeymoon Tour? and that kiss?), here are some fanfic-equivalent photos to feed your Jariana fever.

Which photos look the most real?

  1. Ari on the red carpet touching his belly!
  2. Fans even manip paparazzi shots.
  3. And them smiling together.
  4. Ariana and Justin get cuddly.
  5. A glam couple.
  6. Photoshoot time! Didn't think Justin's Calvin Klein shoot could get any better.
  7. HBD loves!
  8. Cheesin' for the camera.
  9. Cute candid.
  10. Jari get intimate.
  11. Having fun with the paps.
  12. Badass babes.
  13. Kiss kiss!