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Gwyneth Paltrow's Daughter Is Basically Her Twin In This Rare Family Pic

Twins, much?

Gwyneth Paltrow posted a rare glimpse of her son and daughter to her Instagram account yesterday (June 6), and -- well -- the Apple doesn't fall too far from the tree (sorry, we couldn't resist).

She captioned the adorable shot of a motorcycle helmet-bedecked Apple beside brother Moses, "Brother proof. Sort of."

What stuck out even more than the adorable puppy accessories and that seriously fancy shed in the background: those eyes, the freckles, the long blonde hair – it could easily be Gwyneth peering from beneath that helmet!

It's especially eerie when compared with a recent #TBT shot shared by Gwyneth. The actress captioned the photo, "Okay. This is weird. #isthatmeormymom"

And we have to agree – it's almost impossible to tell if the photo is a vintage shot of her mother Blythe Danner, or if it's a modern photo of Gwyneth. The (gorgeous) genetics are strong with this family! Double date with Reese and Ava, perhaps?