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Beyoncé's Sunday Funday Pics With Blue Ivy and Jay Z Are Too Perfect For Words

We kind of teared up a little looking at these, guys.

Fair warning: This post is 100% feel-inducing.

It's official. Beyoncé Knowles has got the most picture perfect little family unit ever going with hubby Jay Z and daughter Blue Ivy. And if there was any doubt remaining about that, she just shut it down forever and ever today (June 7) with a one-two-three punch series of too-stinkin'-sweet Instagram pics that prove, once and for all, that she has the best life. Everyone else can go home now.

Bey started with this pic of herself and 'lil Blue in a rose garden sharing a moment with nature in the lush green landscape.

We're guessing daddio must've proudly captured this ridiculously adorable look at his ladies in action because the next one was ...

Jay -- ever on fleek with his shoulder-draped coat and boots, of course -- beckoning his baby girl with the biggest smile that ever graced his face. D'awwww.

Now, we're wondering where is this American pastoral paradise they've gone to and how can we go there right now?

Finally, MamaBear and got her bow-wearing babe to sit in her lap for a quick sweet snap.

And even with Blue looking away from the camera and Beyoncé herself only half-smiling, this picture is still a straight up work of art.

It's all just so very Beyoncé -- that is an adjective now, right?