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Yep, The 'Gilmore Girls' Cast Is Still Adorable Even 8 Years Later

The cast reunited at the ATX Television festival and oy, with the cuteness already!

The cast of "Gilmore Girls" celebrated their long-awaited reunion at the ATX Television Festival last night (June 6) for an emotional closing night panel. The event turned into a Stars Hollow town meeting -- with practically the entire cast in attendance -- and it was pretty freakin' magical (no snow included).

Before the panel, the cast braved the heat (and the sweat, tbh) on the red carpet outside of the Paramount Theater in Austin, Texas.

When things got a little too hot, Milo Ventimiglia found some serious SHADE to through in his friend Jared Padalecki's direction.

When the panel started, creator Amy Sherman-Palladino took the stage with the Gilmore women -- Lauren Graham (Lorelai), Alexis Bledel (Rory) and Kelly Bishop (Emily) for an intimate conversation about the show's humble beginnings, casting and the late Ed Herrmann (Richard), who Sherman-Palladino said was the "first to say yes to this panel." She also honored Herrmann with an in memoriam video in his honor.

The entire cast later joined the stage, and it turned into a love-fest between all of Rory's ex-beaus. Bledel, to her credit, couldn't pick between them, even eights years later. "They're going to hate me," she said.

When asked where each character would be today, Graham said she thinks Luke and Lorelai are "still together, 100 percent." Meanwhile, Scott Patterson said he thinks Luke closed down Luke's Diner (GASP), and got the hell out of dodge, where he eventually opened up another Luke's diner. Now, he and Lorelai spend their days fly fishing. (Note: we don't think Sherman-Palladino was down with this idea.)

Unfortunately for fans hoping for another reunion or a movie, Sherman-Palladino said, "I'm sorry, there's nothing in the works at the moment." But, she added: "If it ever happened, I promise we'll do it correctly."

As for those final four words which have become a thing of lore for "Gilmore Girls" fans since the series wrapped in 2007, Sherman-Palladino wasn't ready to reveal them just yet -- and Graham supported the decision.

Though a trip back to Stars Hollow seems unlikely at this point -- though, never say never -- fans ultimately got the closure they so desperately longed for after all these years.

We'll follow you anywhere, guys.