This Is Not A Drill: Zayn Malik Just Dyed His Hair Green


Remember when Zayn Malik debuted a buzz cut and nose stud at his first official appearance after leaving One Direction? We were shell-shocked about how suddenly he bombarded us with his drastic transformation, leaving us no time to properly grieve his perfectly coiffed tresses.

Well, that was merely child’s play compared to what our favorite “normal 22-year-old” has done now.

Take a deep breath.

You ready?

OK, here we go...

YEP, your eyes do not deceive you: Zayn Malik has GREEN hair. GREEN hair, the color of Shrek and Kermit and Nickelodeon slime and lime skittles, all rolled up onto one aggressively handsome human being’s head.

Zayn and his fiancée, Perrie Edwards (who is still very much blonde), both shared the pic on Instagram with the cheeky hashtag #GreenHairDontCare. I’m no body language expert, but Perrie looks like she’s either:

a) so embarrassed by her beau's ‘do that she literally can’t even look at him.

b) so hopelessly in love with the new look that she’s trying to catch a whiff of any traces of hair dye that may be left over on his jacket.

c) so thrilled that her “Black Magic” worked (maybe Little Mix’s secret potion was behind this?).

But the real mystery here is: What in the world motivated Zayn to pick such a bold pigment? We’ve narrowed it down to the following possibilities:

a) He’s decided to cosplay as Jared Leto’s Joker from “Suicide Squad.”

b) He was inspired by 5SOS’ Michael Clifford and his constantly rotating hair hues.

c) He really just doesn’t care, y’all. Zayn’s living freely and doing all the things he never got to do when he was in the limelight. So he’s dyed his hair the color of a lime. As one does.

What do you think of Zayn’s drastic new look? Sound off in the comments below!