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See Princess Charlotte Snuggle With Big Brother Prince George In Her First Official Portraits

The only thing better than one royal baby are TWO royal babies.

Just over a month after the world was shaken with Royal Baby Fever, the obsession with ga-ga’ing over Princess Charlotte is back — and once you see her adorable baby pics, you’ll understand why.

The royal family has released the first official portraits of the baby girl — our first look at her ever since those shots taken outside of the hospital on May 2, the day she was born.

Taken by the Duchess of Cambridge herself in mid-May (seriously — is there anything Kate Middleton CAN’T do flawlessly?!), the photos show Charlotte being cradled by her gushing big bro, Prince George.

“We’re delighted to share the first photo of Prince George with his little sister Princess Charlotte,” reads the first photo’s caption alongside the hashtag #welcometothefamily

Then there’s this cute shot, showing the blue-eyed sibs staring off into the distance as George gives his most “you’re being embarrassing, Dad” death glare.

Finally, there’s these happy-smiley-kissy ones from the Kensington Palace Twitter account, showing the brother-sister pair in all their snuggle buddy bliss. All together now: “AWWWW!”

Though it’s tough to tell this early on, we’re thinking baby Charlotte could definitely be on track to looking like her predicted age-progression pic.