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Chris Pratt Says 'Guardians 2' 'Probably Will Be The Greatest Movie Of All Time'

The Star-Lord expects great things for round two.

Reporting by Josh Horowitz

Chris Pratt is currently keeping both his feet firmly planted on Earth as he does the rounds to promote his newest mega star-maker franchise installment -- he's got so many now, poor thing -- that is, "Jurassic World."

And while he was definitely on full dino duty, that doesn't mean Pratt didn't still have one eye on the sky as production for the second installment to his Marvelous "Guardians of the Galaxy" project draws ever nearer.

MTV's Josh Horowitz sat down with Pratt to discuss all-things-prehistoric for "Jurassic World" and also got the goods on what all the new Groot cosplayers fans can expect from part two, based on what he's seen of writer-director James Gunn's script so far.

Pratt was hesitant to shoot from the hip with too many details -- chiefly because he wants all the kiddos (read: full-grown adults who love comic book-based movies, too, thanks) to unwrap the full surprise with the novelty of a child on Christmas.

But he did shell out one super squee-inducing teaser about his personal expectations for the flick.

"I will tell you this," he said. "It's going to be the greatest -- probably will be the greatest movie of all time."

The Star-Lord's got no shortage of confidence about the Guardians' next journey leg, then, does he? Guess we're stuck together, partners!


"Guardians of the Galaxy 2" is slated to hit theaters on May 5, 2017.