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One Direction Are On The Road Again, But Directioners Eyes Are ’Swelling’ Because They Didn’t Change The Set List

They've lost control over 'no control.'

One Direction are On The Road Again.

The foursome kicked off the next phase of their tour in Wales, marking the first time they will do an entire leg of a tour without Zayn Malik, who left the group in March.

Directioners turned out in droves to see their boys back in action.

The new merchandise was out. No Zayn (sad face).

But it's OK because they hit the stage looking oh-so-good.

And The Fans Filled In For Zayn!

The guys played some of their past hits.

Many fans were expecting there to be a change in the set-list since Niall recently tweeted this:

And were a bit disappointed they didn't get what was promised.

But I think if they just add this one song everything might be ok:

But Directioners, remember this one thing: