Andres Tardio/MTV

Watch Justin Bieber Stick His Skateboard Tricks For Real

The Biebs is getting better.

What's a guy to do when, at 21, he's already this super rich, super famous dude who spends his spare time chillaxing with super models?

Answer: Whatever. He. Wants.

When Justin Bieber isn't off surprise-jamming with the cool kids and floating around his crib on electric scooters, he's trying to get good at skateboarding.

And we've gotta give the Biebs credit for hanging in there -- because practice does make progress, and last time we saw him trying to manage a clean skateboarding land, well, the trick needed some major work (and many mulligans).

Thanks to his latest Instagram vid, though, we can tell that Justin Bieber's half-pipe skillz are actually getting pretty solid now.

Exhibit A: This smooth side-to-side slide that even included a mini-grind.

Granted, he's still slow-pacing all those four-wheeled maneuvers, but that was a whole lot slicker than we expected to see when he gave us a new glimpse at the court.

Exhibit B: This wicked flip trick that earned him an enthusiastic "Yes, sir!" from his off-camera audience (and us too, of course).

Nicely done, JB. All that time spent away from bad-boying is really starting to pay off. We mean, you're practically X Games-eligible at this point, but keep on working at it (and showing us all the evidence) just for posterity's sake, yeah?