'Goonies' Never Say Die, Except For These Four Times They Said 'Die'

Rule number one.

This weekend marks the 30th anniversary of the June 7, 1985 theatrical release of "The Goonies," as well as the 3,847,640,239,535th time (roughly) I'll watch "The Goonies" and mouth all the words along with the characters. It'll also mark the nth time I wonder why, if Goonies never say "die," why the Goonies say "die."

Just think about it: that's probably the most famous line from the movie, right? (Right.) So in addition to the whopping 10 times they say the word "dead," there are four instances of "die," including the warning to never say, etc. etc. Oh, and half the time it's ol' "never say die" Mikey saying "die." Maybe Mikey should reconsider and put a ban on all death-related words? Just saying.

Here are all the times the Goonies say "die" in "The Goonies."

1. "That's what I said. Setting booby traps, so that anybody who tried to get in there would die. And then do you know what he did? He killed all of his men." -- Mikey

2. and 3. "He's gonna die! He's gonna die!" -- Andy

4. "Don't say that. Never say that. Goonies never say 'die.'" -- Mikey