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Forget Basketball, Game 1 Of The NBA Finals Brought Us Rihanna And Riley Curry

Plus, E-40, MC Hammer and, of course, Lil B.

If the rest of the NBA Finals live up to what happened in Game 1 on Thursday night, it'll be a series for the ages.

In the first contest in the best of seven series, the Golden State Warriors bested the Cleveland Cavaliers in overtime, 108-100. LeBron James had 44 points for the Cavs, while Steph Curry, on the other side, had 26.

It wasn't just the hoops on floor that were worth the while, though. If the rest of the Finals live up to Game 1 from a pop culture standpoint, then we'll have some more memorable moments from the series off the court, too.

After we gave you the music fan's guide to the NBA Finals yesterday -- catered for all the non-hoops-heads out there -- here's a recap of Game 1 in pop culture moments.