Valedictorian Banned From Coming Out In His Commencement Speech Got A Do-Over -- On National Television

'I thought I should share some of my deepest and darkest secrets,' Evan Young said on 'The Nightly Show.'

Evan Young just wanted to speak his truth at graduation. He wanted to reveal some things, make some inspiring comments about respect and, as you may have heard, come out to his class. But the Twin Peaks Charter Academy valedictorian never got the chance, since his Boulder, Colorado school shut down the commencement speech before Evan could even give it.

But thanks to Larry Wilmore's "The Nightly Show," Evan was inducted into Wilmore's "School for Genius-Ass Kids" on Thursday night and allowed to give the whole address as planned. And it was worth the wait. The 18-year-old opened with a cute story about his two goals as a kid: to get straight A's in school (check) and to wear a cape (check).

Then he got real.

"I thought I should share some of my deepest and darkest secrets," he said before taking a shot at the uselessness of homework. "Now let me qualify this: Not all homework is bad, sometimes it's helpful. But like the Heimlich Maneuver, you're only supposed to do it when it's absolutely necessary. Otherwise you're just gonna make children throw up for no reason."

He admitted to never taking notes, barely paying attention, totally using SparkNotes instead of finishing "War And Peace" and his failed attempt to score his first girlfriend earlier this year. Click the video to hear his biggest secret.