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33 Reasons You Should Be Obsessed With Makeup Artist Pat McGrath

Meet the makeup QWEEN.

Not to sound dramatic, but you absolutely, positively need to know about Pat McGrath if you care about fashion. For starters, Vogue once deemed her the most influential makeup artist in the world. One look at her Instagram, and you'll see that she has mastered everything from ground-breaking magazine covers to couture runway shows to high-fashion campaigns, but honestly, we can't do her justice by just talking about her. Here's just a teeny, tiny sampling of how Pat has conquered the makeup world during her 30+ yearlong career. (Oh, and in case you're still doubting her abilities, she can do a bedazzled, winged eyeshadow look with her eyes closed. Yeahhh.)

  1. You've probably seen her work on most magazine covers without even knowing it.
  2. Everything from W...
  3. ...to little magazine called Vogue.
  4. And it's no wonder: Her skills are unparalleled.
  5. I mean, just look at this.
  6. Or this.
  7. *bows down*
  8. Her fearless approach to makeup is one of a kind.
  9. She's never afraid to push the envelope.
  10. Or straight-up transform her makeup into art.
  11. She's been creating inspirational runway makeup looks for years.
  12. Whether it's with crystals...
  13. Varnish...
  14. Sequins...
  15. Fishnet...
  16. Feathers...
  17. ...or jewels, girl isn't scared to take some serious beauty risks.
  18. She's also a master of working with bright colors.
  19. Like, this is insane.
  20. Talk about incredible, y'all.
  21. She's put makeup on literally all the top models.
  22. She also hangs with Rihanna on occasion.
  23. And Katy Perry, NBD.
  24. She's done some of the most iconic editorial spreads ever printed, like this Vogue Italy shoot from 2005.
  25. And she's responsible for the makeup behind major fashion ads, like this Prada one.
  26. Or Moschino.
  27. Oh, Lanvin too.
  28. And did we mention she also done beauty campaigns?
  29. 'Cause she has.
  30. For lots of brands.
  31. Ugh, we love her.
  32. And we can't wait to see what she does next!