Colin Douglas Gray for MTV News

Kit Harington Explains Why The End Of 'Game Of Thrones' Season 5 Is Gonna Be 'Huge'

Like, Hodor levels of huge.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

Remember last week on "Game of Thrones," how you thought everything was going just fine until that breathtaking 20-odd minute battle for "Hardhome?" Of course you do.

Well, according to Jon Snow himself, Kit Harington, next Sunday's episode "The Dance of Dragons," and the season finale, "Mother's Mercy," are going to make "Hardhome" seem like "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" in comparison. (Not that Dr. Quinn didn't occasionally get super real. Because oh, she did.)

"It's going to be big," Harington told MTV News during a recent press day for his film "Testament of Youth." "Those are two big episodes. If you thought last week's was fun, I believe -- I haven't seen it; it doesn't include my story so much -- that this week's is equally big. And then the last one is huge as well."

"I think this latest season has differed quite radically from the books in many ways," he said. "It's got up to a point in the books where I didn't read the fifth book, so I can't really speak about the differences between the two. I just know what I read at the start of the season, and this season was thrilling for many reasons, both what you've seen and coming up. It's incredible."