11 Times 'Hannibal' Made Eating People Straight-Up Hilarious

We see what you did there.

"Hannibal" is back tonight (June 4) for a third season of culinary horror, and with it, all the things about the show that make it so much fun.

Mads Mikkelsen, looking like the devil in a three-piece suit. Hugh Dancy as his anguished hunter. Weird, rich fantasy landscapes inside Will Graham's head, and the weirder, richer tablescapes inside Hannibal Lecter's dining room.

Oh: And cannibalism jokes! Of course.

For two seasons, "Hannibal" has taken every available opportunity to wink at its titular character's penchant for eating people, resulting in more puns, double-entendres, and general funniness about turning humans into hamburger than any show, ever. But with Dr. Lecter's big secret out of the bag (or the oven) as of last season's finale, those days might be over -- which is why we're looking back now at the show's best cannibalism cracks through the years.

  • 1. For starters, Hannibal never gets tired of this line.
  • 2. He also never gets tired of dropping cheeky little hints about his, ahem, particular tastes.
  • 3. And he doesn't actually say "sheeple" here, but let's be real, we all know what he means.
  • 4. Besides, what's a little joke amongst friends about cutting someone's tongue out and eating it? Ha! Ha!
  • 5. Meanwhile, even when everyone present knows exactly what (or in this case, whom) they're supposed to be eating, Hannibal can't resist the urge to make a play on words. (She was a red-head. Har de har, Dr. Lecter.)

6. And of course, there was the time this happened.

  • 7. As the show progressed, he got more confident, until the jokes started to kinda be more like "jokes."
  • 8. So when you say "eat the rude," you mean... um. Hmm.
  • 9. Forget the cheeky double-entendres; now we're just straight-up sniffing people like they're cantaloupes.
  • 10. Some of Hannibal's victims tried their own hand at people-eating puns, although they rather lacked the subtlety of the good doctor's.

11. However, at Hannibal's dinner table, sly, well-mannered cannibalism humor still reigns. Just because you're eating your own leg, that's no reason to be gauche about it.