Warriors Fans Want Lil B To Bless Steph Curry, In The Name Of Charity

James Harden is another story.

We've seen proof that Lil B can put a strain on sports careers if you force him to invoke the Based God's wrath, but now Golden State Warriors fans are hoping the Bay Area rapper will use his power to do some good.

Lil B is currently deciding what to do with Rockets player James Harden, who he cursed, then forgave...but now, he might just curse him again.

While he considers his next course of action, WarriorsWorld is challenging him to give his blessing to Steph Curry, for a very good cause.

Warriors fans (and all caring basketball fans) can donate money to the Children's Hospital of Oakland, as an offering to the Based God. Once Lil B bestows his blessing upon Curry, all of the money will be sent to the hospital.

The campaign currently has over $700 in donations. Donate here, and hit Lil B on Twitter. Encourage him to take on the challenge!