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Britney Spears Expands Her Empire, Announces 18th Fragrance

If you're looking to change up your signature scent for the summer, you're in luck—Britney Spears is releasing a new fragrance. Oh, also, NBD, Fantasy Intimate Edition is Brit's 18th fragrance—alone, the Fantasy line has 12 different editions.

The Intimate Edition has the same rhinestone-encrusted, round bottle, but it's been turned opaque white. The original Fantasy bottle, you may recall, is purple, but the different edition bottles have also ranged from blue (Midnight Fantasy) to dark red (Hidden Fantasy).

Turns out, we're not the only ones reminiscing about Britney's other fragrances—she's been sharing images from her former campaigns on Instagram.

There was this one for Curious, her first fragrance, which came out in 2004.

The accompanying ad? #ICONIC.

Then there was Fantasy Twist, which included two fragrances in one adjoining bottle.

The campaign video for this fragrance, you may recall, also involves hotels and peeking through doors. Also, Britney with so many different hair colors.

Finally, Britney threw back to Cosmic Radiance, which was released in 2011 and is actually the last non-Fantasy fragrance she's released.

There's no word yet on when fans and fragrance collectors can expect the Intimate Edition, but the teaser images promise soon, so it's definitely time to make some room on your shelf.