Watch Jason Statham Get Slapped With A Ginormous Fake Hand

Happiness is a warm slap.

Jason Statham is usually the one dishing out beatdowns, but oh, how the (blackjack) tables have turned.

Statham is making the rounds to promote "Spy," with all the usual stops on the latenight talk show circuit -- including "The Tonight Show," thus the unusual spectacle of Statham and Jimmy Fallon playing card games in front of a live studio audience.

The game was blackjack, with simple stakes: Winner gets to slap the loser... with the biggest, fattest, floppiest prosthetic hand you've ever seen.

Considering the risks, it's no wonder Jimmy was so nervous -- one slap from Jason Statham is the equivalent of a full-body beating by anyone else -- but that just makes it more exciting. This is better than "Casino Royale"! Watch the drama unfold below.