James Harden Just Made Lil B's Curse Even Worse

The BasedGod can't be happy.

James Harden has dug himself into a very deep hole. The NBA star just came off a rough season closer, with the Houston Rockets losing to the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference finals, and some people think it might be due to Lil B's curse.

And, if that's true, things just got even worse for Harden.

If you need a quick refresher: Lil B cursed the Rockets player for doing the "cooking dance" (or "flicka da wrist") during victory celebrations, without giving him the proper credit. The Based God was merciful enough to lift the curse after seeing Harden down and out, but he'll probably change his mind after seeing Harden's recent interview with TMZ.

When asked what he thought about Lil B's curse, Harden responded blankly, with "I don't even know what happened. I don't know who that is." BasedGod definitely won't be happy about this. Actually, he's definitely not happy.

Especially after Kreayshawn helped him to dig up an old tweet from Harden which seems to confirm that he has listened to the rapper.

He found this damning evidence

James Harden, better watch your back.

Lil B explains the history of the cooking dance