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Caitlyn Jenner Is More Than Her Looks, And Jon Stewart Shut Down The Media With His Brilliant Rant

Preach, Jon. Preach.

When Caitlyn Jenner revealed herself to the world on Monday (June 1), it was a relief to see that a sizable portion of the world was openly accepting -- but why did so many of us bypass transphobia in favor of blatant sexism? Why were many of the comments we read about Jenner "jokes" about how much better she looked than her ex-wife, Kris? Is there really nothing else to say about a woman that isn't a comment about her looks?

Unfortunately, according to Jon Stewart's hilarious(ly tragic) take on "The Daily Show," the answer to that question -- at some media outlets, anyway -- is an overwhelming "no."

“It’s really heartening to see that everyone is willing to not only accept Caitlyn Jenner as a woman, but to waste no time in treating her like a woman,” Stewart began.

Stewart then followed this up with iron-clad evidence -- newscasters made comments like "so sexy it hurts," "she looks like Rita Hayworth, so glamorous," and, most damningly, "sexy, boobs."

“You see, Caitlyn, when you were a man, we could talk about your athleticism, your business acumen... but now you’re a woman, and your looks are really the only thing we care about," Stewart continued. Watch the rest of the clip here: