Melissa McCarthy And Jason Statham Reveal Their IRL Sexy Spy Names

Did she just say "Scuzzy Van Dyke?"

In the hilarious new movie "Spy," Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) does not live out your wildest James Bond/Charlie's Angels fantasies. Nay -- instead of sipping martinis and bedding foreign hotties in haute couture, Cooper is stuck wearing cat lady t-shirts, and her cool spy gadgets are more "toxic hemorrhoid cream" than "poison disguised as Chanel lipstick."

So when MTV News sat down with the cast of "Spy" at a press day ahead of the film's release, we just had to give McCarthy -- as well as Jason Statham, director Paul Feig, Rose Byrne, and Miranda Hart -- the chance to briefly live out these same Bond-esque fantasies with a simple question: What would be your IRL sexy spy name, and more importantly, what would be your ideal murderous gadget?

Their answers, of course, might surprise you.

"Spy" sneaks its way into theaters on June 5.