‘Game of Thrones’ Is Going Back To Spain For Filming — But Will They Return To Dorne Too?

We sure hope so!

Can't get enough Dorne in your "Game of Thrones?" Because with any luck we'll be seeing more of the Sand snakes, Areo Hotah, and the rest of the Dornish gang next year.

The hit HBO drama will once again be returning to Spain for their season 6 filming schedule, which is the primary setting for all the scenes that take place in Dorne. However, rather than going to back to Seville's ridiculously gorgeous water gardens, it seems like they're currently looking for new parts of the country to highlight -- which must have Spain's government excited, because the country gets a sweet tourism boost when its landmarks appear in the show.

Previous rumors suggest that the team was scouting a cathedral in Girona, Catalonia, which looks like this:

Getty Images

So if the speculation is true, what will they be filming here? Our best guess is Myrcella's wedding to Trystane Martell, an event that the show is clearly gearing up to but which hasn't yet happened in the books. If this is the case, given the Westerosi track record for weddings, let's hope nothing terrible happens to either of the two lovebirds next season.

It's also entirely possible, of course, that they're filming something completely different than Dorne -- after all, the fighting pit scenes in Meereen were also shot in Spain, and the climate up in Girona is a lot cooler than you'd expect for Dorne. Either way, at least we can be sure that the show's scenery will continue to look totally gorgeous!