That Secret Kristen Wiig/Will Ferrell Lifetime TV Movie Is Really Real

'Deadly Adoption' is coming soon to your living room, straight out of your wildest dreams.

Awhile back, rumors began swirling that Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig were making a secret Lifetime movie together -- rumors whose joyful reception was exceeded only by the agony of learning that the leak had ruined everything, and now "Deadly Adoption" starring Ferrell and Wiig would be airing on Lifetime never, EVER.

Fortunately, it's back to joy again, as it turns out that Will Ferrell was just kidding about scrapping the project. Not only will "Deadly Adoption" air this month, according to The Hollywood Reporter, but there's a billboard for it up on Hollywood Boulevard in LA right now.

Rebecca Ford/ via THR

Wiig and Ferrell star as a wealthy couple who take in a pregnant woman (Jessica Lowndes) with hopes of adopting her unborn child, but -- as is always the case with Lifetime movies -- things take a turn for the melodramatic/crazy.

"Deadly Adoption" will air on Lifetime Saturday, June 20.