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12 Times Britney Spears Was Such A Soccer Mom

She's not a regular mom, she's a ~cool~ mom.

When you think about Britney Spears, the first images that come to mind probably have plaid skirts, red latex bodysuits, open-mouthed Madonna, or yellow snakes named Banana in them. After all, the reigning princess of pop has been an iconic part of pop culture for almost two decades, embodying what it means to be a massive superstar and sex symbol.

But what a lot of people might not realize is that when modern-day Britney isn’t cruising around L.A. with her alien pal Iggy Azalea, tearing up the stage at her Las Vegas residency show, or guzzling down her beloved Starbucks frappuccinos, she’s just a normal mom doing normal mom things.

Her sons, 9-year-old Sean Preston and 8-year-old Jayden James, are the loves of her life, and that’s never more evident than when she gushes about their accomplishments for the whole world to see. Just take a look at these 12 times she was a total soccer (or, in this case, skate) mom.

  1. The time she bragged about “My own little Tony Hawk”
  2. The time she self-identified as a “typical proud skate mom” and definitely looked the part.
  3. The time she was such a ~cool mom~ by hooking her boys up with meet-and-greet passes to meet Shaun White.
  4. The time she gushed over a haircut.
  5. The time she shared a pic from a “great day at the skate park.”
  6. The time she watched their soccer game and looked like she had no idea what TF was happening, but was still super supportive anyway.
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  7. The time she marveled about “how good he’s getting” and audibly coached him with generic phrases like “push,” “yeah,” "woo,” and “that’s it.”
  8. The time they cheered on the Dodgers.
  9. The time she threw her boys a skate-themed birthday party:
  10. The time she was so proud about “Preston landing his first board slide!”
  11. The time she heralded Preston as “a true artist” with his portrait of Spongebob Squarepants.
  12. And the time she filmed her “little hot shots” in action and enthusiastically shouted “WOOO!” like the awesome skate mom she is.