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Learn How DIIV Can Reenact Your Dreams As Part Of This Immersive Theater Project

'[Houseworld] is a musician's take on theater and acting.'

For those who don’t know much about it, immersive theater offers a whole range of interesting and unique experiences that the average theater-goer might not have. For example -- ever wanted to have your dreams reenacted IRL? Thanks to immersive theater performance Houseworld and rock band DIIV, you totally can.

For a mere $10,000 donation through Kickstarter, DIIV will recreate your dreams through music -- a lot, yes, but it’s for a pretty cool cause. Houseworld aims to create an “unforgettable experience” open to the public as a long-running performance, with participants entering a “lucid dream.”

Houseworld posted a message on their Tumblr explaining that "100%" of donations will go to funding the project. "Thank you DIIV for helping us fund Houseworld," the message states. "This prize is a strange and outrageous way to raise money for Houseworld, which is a strange and outrageous performance."

Houseworld’s Andrew Hoepfner, a Brooklyn- based playwright and musician, revealed more about this intriguing project to MTV News. “The exciting thing about Houseworld is that it is a musician's take on theater and acting,” he said.

“Cole [Smith, of DIIV] is an old friend of mine. He heard that I was planning a Kickstarter for Houseworld and asked how DIIV could help. First, I wanted DIIV to headline a fundraiser party... We discussed the prize of a private DIIV house show for donors. Suddenly, we had the dream reenactment idea, which was way more exciting and in the spirit of Houseworld. DIIV was on board immediately.”

Hoepfner also elaborated on what the Houseworld experience entails, exactly, for those who are interested in the idea of music combined with immersive theater, but might not fully understand it.

“In Houseworld, you walk into a giant mansion by yourself and step into a dreamworld. You start walking through these rooms and meeting the strange people that live in them. Often these interactions are one on one. You have conversations with the characters. You play games against them. You try to solve the puzzles of the house. Sometimes the characters yell at you or sing to you. You give objects to them, and do things that influence the behavior of these characters and can drastically change the outcome of the performance,” he explained. “For two-and-a-half hours, the audience is seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing, and touching an alternate reality. Houseworld is kind of like going inside of that old adventure game Maniac Mansion.”

We’ve gotta admit, the trailer for Houseworld’s upcoming season is a tad on the ~spooky~ side, but the idea sounds really cool nonetheless. Anyone have $10,000 we can borrow??