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Can Food Be Offensive? Franchesca Ramsey Breaks It Down In MTV's New Series, 'Decoded'

'Why do alarm bells go off whenever people talk about how black people just love fried chicken and watermelon?'

In MTV News' new webseries "Decoded" Franchesca Ramsey tackles a subject that can be...kind of hard to talk about: Race.

In the very first episode, she takes on the stereotypes of black people, watermelon and fried chicken.

As Chesca explains, most of us love fried chicken and watermelon, and there’s nothing wrong with eating these foods. The problem comes with fried chicken and watermelon being associated with black people. The origins of this stereotype come from a pretty ugly and hurtful place, which is why making jokes about all black people loving fried chicken and watermelon aren't funny. Like, at all.