Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Eddie Redmayne Totally Had Weasley Ambitions, Pre-'Fantastic Beasts'

Before he was Newt, he wanted to be a Weasley. Same?

In case you haven't already noticed, Eddie Redmayne has kind of a red mane -- yes.

And since he's also a young British actor who came on scene during the "Harry Potter" heyday, it makes sense that once upon a time thought he'd do well as a Weasley.

(If you need a moment to ponder that possibility, we totally get it.)

Turns out, the now-Oscar-winner was kind of bummed out about not landing a part in the first "Potter" parade of films, because as this months-old interview with "The Graham Norton Show" reveals, Redmayne wanted to wave wands with the other Weasley kids.

"For a few years there, there were the 'Harry Potter' films. There was a whole family of ginger people," he remembered. "I thought somehow I might be part of that. Never happened."

What's the spell for making someone smile? Because we seriously cannot handle Eddie Redmayne's sadface here. Like, his tears could be the secret ingredient for the Make All The Sorrow Potion, for REAL.

But all's well that ends well, right? Because EddieRed's going to be the face of the post-"Potter" franchise, "Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them," in which he'll play a magizoologist travelling the world and making a super cool book about the world's craziest creatures.

Which is worth all kinds of yay, yeah? Definitely yes. Even still, though ... he would've made for a pretty hot little Hogwarts student. Just sayin'.