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Judy Blume's New Book Hit Shelves Today And We're Already Sobbing

We're gearing up for many sobs.

Judy Blume's typing fingers seem to have some kind of magic portal aimed straight for all of our feel spots, and today (June 2) she's released something new to tug on all the heartstrings: a true-ish story.

"An Unlikely Event," which hit shelves today, is a novel which comes straight from her own pages of history, including a series of plane crashes which rattled her small hometown of Elizabeth, New Jersey in the 1950s. There are varying family perspectives with fear and loss and the deep, tough stuff going on here. Which is exactly where Blume tends to blossom.

"Event" is Blume's first adult novel in almost two decades, so naturally everyone's (rightfully) freaking out about it. Especially since this is supposedly going to be her last book tour forever. And since we're kind of at a loss for words over all of this -- since we're choking back tears already -- we're going to let our friends in the Twitterverse spell out exactly how we feel right now.

First, there's all the nostalgia.

This, exactly. "Are You There God? It's Me Margaret," "Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing," "Freckle Juice" -- life-shaping, all of them. And now we just want to call it in for the rest of the week and have an old-fashioned Blume-a-thon.

Then, there's the sense of deep familiarity.

She's basically reached life coach status at this point, so it's like welcoming an old pal into the house. Hugs!

Getting all the happy squeals just seeing it there on the shelf.

Without even cracking it open yet, there are emotions running wild here.

'Cause there's been a lot of anticipation over this one.

17 years since the last book for grown-ups (read: kids at heart)? That's a lotta waiting.

And when she went on TV to promote the book, we could not believe our eyes.

Childhood. Actualized. What.

It basically feels like our birthday.

And we do intend to unwrap this one slowly.

And overall, we're just overcome with affection for our literary mamabear.

This. So much this.

Let the reading (and accompanying sobfest) begin, everyone!