Olsen Twins, Bob Saget Ain't Mad Atcha

Uncle Jesse might be "heartbroken," but Danny Tanner's being a cool dad about this whole thing.

Everyone -- well, mainly just John Stamos -- has been in kind of a tizzy over Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen turning down their chance to one-two punch it as Michelle Tanner again for old time's sake, but their former on-screen daddio is giving this sitch an epic shoulder brush.

The actor-comedian, who himself just signed the "Fuller House" dotted line last week, told press at the "Entourage" premiere -- yes, he's got a cameo in that movie, and no, it's not suitable for the "Full House" audience -- that he's not going to be begging the twinzies to "you got it, dude" it up for the second series go-round.

"It's like asking your date, 'Please do this, you have to come back.' It's like driving your family to a reunion (when) you don't want to see your second cousin anymore," he told USA Today.

Granted, those were some odd and rather vague analogies he threw down there, but what we *think* we're hearing is that he thinks it might be a waste of breath/energy for him to ask ... or maybe he just doesn't like being the one to encourage other people to go places they don't really want to.

In either case, he seemed pretty chillax about the pending lack-o-kid the show will face without the Michelles.

"People need to do want they wanna do, because life can be weird enough," he said. Which, bravo to him for being big about it, but now we're starting to believe this is really, actually happening without them, and ... aw, nuts.