After Four Years Apart, This Soldier Surprised His Daughter On Her Graduation Day

Make sure you've got tissues close by -- you're gonna need them.

On graduation day, there's nothing you want more than to be surrounded by the people you love. Though thousands of miles separated them, Sargeant Jose Garcia made it back to Miami Killian Senior High School in Florida to make sure he was one of those faces in the crowd, cheering on his daughter, Samantha. The thing is, she hadn't seen her dad since her freshman year and had no idea he'd be there.

Cue all the tears, because this is the best grad/dad moment ever:

Samantha and her dad have only seen each other twice in the last eight years while he's been stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. But her dad, who's now stationed in Georgia, was able to pull off the big surprise with a little help from her mom.

"It's nice to finally see him again. I've grown up a lot and I know he's grown a lot. It is a nice reunion," Samantha said.