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Could A New Eminem Album Be On The Way? This D12 Rapper Has Answers

Denaun Porter gives an update.

We know that we're going to be hearing a new Eminem song soon -- there's a rumor that his song "Phenomenal," off of the "Southpaw" soundtrack, could arrive as early as tomorrow, and if not, it's definitely coming soon -- but what about a full on solo project from the Rap God?

Don't count on it, according to his frequent collaborator, D12 groupmate and concert hypeman, Denaun Porter.

"I don't think so," Mr. Porter told Conspiracy Worldwide in a new interview. "I don't think -- Em doesn't work like that. He's gotta feel that there's things to talk about and things to say. I mean, he's working on some other things that I know of: He's working on a Slaughterhouse project that's gotta come out; Yelawolf's album's out, and it's super duper dope -- I'm proud of him."

Still, he wouldn't completely close the door on the possibility of an album from Slim, which would be his first since November 2013's The Marshall Mathers LP 2.

"I don't know," he continued. "You can't tell with him. I'll be in the studio with him next week, but we working on something else that doesn't have anything to do with an album. His album. So, I doubt it, but I don't know."

It's promising to hear that he's in the studio, at least, even if it's not for his own stuff.

So, if there won't be a solo album, how about a new D12 project? There hasn't been one of those since 2004's Billboard No. 1 D12 World, which followed up 2001's chart-topper Devil's Night.

Short answer, according to Denaun, who just released his won Stuff In My Backpack EP: Don't count on it.

"In all honesty, man, there's some working components that have to be fixed," he began to explain. "Because when I do a D12 album -- when I do anything as an artist, what people don't know is, anytime I do anything as an artist, I have been a slave to the same publishing deal. It's like a big mess. Because I made so much money for them. That it's in their best interest to keep me in a pitted spot, and right now, my management is fighting with them to get through that."

There's one other thing that could get the album on track.

"So, when that kind of gets handled and handled the right way, I would be -- obviously, if Em is doing it, I'm doing it," he said. "It's just not my focus right now. If Em calls me and tells me, Listen, we gotta do an album, then, yeah. But right now I don't see it happening in the near future."