John Giustina / Getty Images

Graduation Ceremonies Are Sooo Long But This Student Captured It In 60 Seconds

The UIUC grad filmed his big day with a GoPro.

By Brittney McKenna

For some of us, graduation was an hours-long blur of family photos, boring speeches and awkward conversation with the students whose names fall before ours in the alphabet. Aaron Weiss, a University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign graduate, made the event a little easier to digest with a video that distills the entire day into one 60-second clip.

"Graduation in 60 Seconds" follows Weiss from getting dressed all the way to graduation night celebrations with friends. There are Starbucks stops, a family dinner and, of course, a walk across the stage along the way.

Weiss, who works in video production and digital advertising, shot the video by attaching a GoPro to his mortarboard. This gave viewers a firsthand look into the point of view of a college graduate. A few of Weiss's friends use the camera as an opportunity to goof off, but most of the footage shows the typical events and interactions of a college senior on his last day before entering "the real world."

Whether you're a recent graduate or a it's been awhile since you've seen the inside of a classroom, this is an emotional clip that's sure to evoke nostalgia in anyone who's ever donned a cap and gown.