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Reese Witherspoon To Play Hillary Clinton? Been There, Done That

Obviously, it would be too meta for Reese to play Hillary at this point.

Senator-slash-presidential-hopeful-slash-former-FLOTUS Hillary Clinton is ripe for the movie biopic picking, for sure. But people really have to stop asking Reese Witherspoon to play her already because, duh, she's already done that. And maybe more than once.

Reese joked with the crowd at the Produced By conference in Los Angeles on Saturday about being right for the role of Clinton according to Hollywood Reporter. "I've actually been asked to play Hillary Clinton a couple of times," she said. "But didn't I play her already? When I did meet Hillary Clinton she said, 'Everybody talks to me about Tracy Flick in 'Election,' all the time."

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Which ... if that's true, it raises a couple of questions.

1. First of all, isn't that kind of an insult since Tracy Flick was a cut-throat who actually cheated to get her chance at a W?

2. Will Hillary Clinton do a "Dear Lord Jesus" election night prayer, and if so can we pretty please record it?

Putting those matters aside, we did start thinking about all the others times that Reese has gotten a little Hillary-esque for the big screen and found that it was more often than we expected.

  1. Elle Woods in "Legally Blonde"

    Ivy league education, defying all odds and expectations, meeting her future husband in school. Sound familiar?

  2. Melanie Smooter in "Sweet Home Alabama"

    Alabama and Arkansas are both deeply southern places to call home, but both Mel and Hillary made way to the Big Apple for career stuffs. Same.

  3. June Carter Cash in "Walk The Line"
    Fox 2000

    June stood by her beau despite quite a hellish stint of bad behavior, whether the public liked it or not. Which -- you can see where we're going with this, can't you? (Relax, we're mostly kidding.)

So, basically, there's enough for the internet wizards to go ahead and piece together a Reese Witherspoon mash-up biography of Hillary Clinton, so why doesn't this exist yet? We'll wait.