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Here Are All Of The Ways Jaden Smith Is Your Dream Prom Date

From progressive style to great, life-changing advice, we prove Jaden Smith is the best prom date ever.

Prom season is not over and yet Jaden Smith – former Twitter poet, budding musician, and supreme fashion progressive – was the prom date for two different enviable people this season. Clearly, a date with Jaden is the right decision. Therefore, we've come up with five ways that prove Jaden Smith is your dream prom date.

  1. He's not afraid to match you style-wise.

    Most guys stick with a standard rented tuxedo and call it a night. But Jaden? He'll elevate your evening with anything from an all-white Batman suit to a long, sophisticated dress. Just look at Amandla Stenberg. We're not saying she chose the fiercest braids ever just because Jaden was her date, but their super avant-garde look was a match made in heaven. If you're looking to stand out, Jaden is your guy.

  2. If the DJ doesn't come through, Jaden can always take the mic.

    In addition to his top-notch style choices, Jaden is best known for his skills on the mic. Like dad Will, Jaden is making a name for his self in the music world with experimental hip-hop, r&b and pop jams that prove he's more than just a flash in the pan.

  3. He's so over that typical high school thing.

    Both Jaden and his sister Willow are homeschooled, which means their adolescent experiences are a far cry from pep rallies and study hall. You can show how sophisticated you are by taking Jaden, a date who promises to deliver on more than just homeroom gossip.

  4. His friend circle means you'll roll up with the coolest crew ... ever.
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    Who makes Jaden's inner circle? Try Kendall and Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez. There's no guarantee they'd show up, too, but at least you can be well-connected by association!

  5. He'll provide you with a much-needed self-esteem boost.

    Is there anyone so open, frank, and philosophical as Jaden Smith? A Jaden Smith Piece of Advice is worth more than any "You look awesome!" your acquaintances from algebra could ever give you. As his twitter proved time and time again, Jaden Smith is the philosopher we all need and the philosopher we deserve.