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Tina Fey And Amy Poehler Are Becoming Dolls -- So Here's 8 Plastic Buddies You Should Buy Them Right Now

Just take all our money already, geez.

Your Tina Fey and Amy Poehler collection is getting a major boost this summer as the "Saturday Night Live" Weekend Update duo will be shrunk down to pocket size and cast in plastic for your entertainment. Hooray!

Yes, we do mean these two are being made into action figures. And just in time for Comic-Con, too, so now you can FINALLY bring your pretend besties home and show them all your best "Baby Mama" impressions. That is the hope.

But before you do, we think you should consider snapping up some of these other super oddball action figures -- because Tiny Tina and Amy are gonna need some cool friends around, and these are pretty much exactly who we imagine them sharing shelf space with.

  1. Holy Moly, Moses.

    The Biblical action figure game is actually pretty well-established, but we were seriously LOL-ing at this diesel Moses doll. Now, that’s a guy who could part seas and dole out big commandments, alright.

  2. Amazon

    This is seriously everything. Need soooo bad.

  3. This Geek Man doll that proves nerd culture has won.
    Happy Worker

    Happy Worker has a few items of interest including Super Mom, Boss Man and Money Man, but Geek Man definitely takes the cake. And eats it because he’s just like us!!

    See, Geek Man’s five accessories are: his glasses, a laptop, a smartphone, a watch and a coffee mug. Which means we’re all Geek Men and damned proud, too. Huff, puff.

  4. This creepy-cool Van Gogh figurine.

    (Second ear sold separately.)

  5. And this Stick Figure guy who makes punning easy peasy.

    The brill thing about this is it comes with a yellow triangle so you can make your own signs, which means it’s definitely your move, internet.

  6. Plus, these Darwinian dollies.

    Because who doesn’t want to play with the second stage of human evolution?

  7. This Avenging Narwhal.

    We’re not going to pretend to understand this one. We’re just going to sit back and appreciate it for what it is.

  8. And, of course, this Crazy Cat Lady.

    According to this doll, six cats makes you a crazy cat lady, but we're just going to pretend that's not true because KITTENS!!!