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Lily Collins And Jamie Campbell Bower Just Adopted A Puppy And Got Matching Rings

Things are getting pretty serious with Jamily, guys.

We knew things were really heating up with Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower, but we didn't know that their second round of lovestuff was this blazin' already, tssssss!

Jamie and Lily -- fan-dubbed Jamily because the Internet loves moniker mash-ups -- made their romantical reunion public information last weekend when they shared a pictorial review (with poetry, FOR REAL) of their little romp in the country being cute together.

But the feely posts didn't stop there, and now thanks to their continually generous social media sharing, we know that these two have taken their lurve to the next level. And possibly even farther?

Because, first of all, these two might be puppy parents now.

After their weekend of awwww, Jamie went on to post a picture of Lily cuddling with a new little fur baby and wrote, "A weekend spent Puppy naming ain't all bad." Which made us do all the flaily dances because WOW that escalated quickly. And also, what did they name him/her? We need the info.

And then they went *there* with the actual smooch pics.

It must be serious if they're going to throw Web caution to the wind like this and just let their kissy bliss be known. More of this, guys.

Plus, there was this shot of them wearing new shiny bits, and WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?

The caption reads, "Hand in hand with silver and gold, adorned with skulls, angels and crosses, holding yours never gets old #justfits." Which (1) sounds like a sweet song that we definitely want to hear and (2) wouldja look at that, they made their very own hashtag, and (3) when's the wedding and how do we get an invite?

These. Two. <3