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High School Dress Code Letter Tells Girls To Cover Up 'Sausage Rolls' At Graduation

The school will have to change its dress code policy after outraged students slammed the sexist letter.

A high school in Pennsylvania is in hot water after fat-shaming language found its way into the school's graduation dress code announcement.

Male students at Biglerville High School were given simple guidelines for the ceremony: collared shirts, khakis, and no visible underwear. The rules for females, however, were far more colloquial: "Make sure 'the girls' are covered up" and hide any unappealing "bits" or "sausage rolls, as Mrs. Elliot calls them." That demand was further clarified with the shocking direction, "You can't put 10 pounds of mud in a five-pound sack."

Students immediately expressed their disgust at the insulting material, claiming it shows blatant, body-shaming gender bias. In an interview with ABC News, senior Briana Burtop called out the school's unfair policies and slammed Mrs. Elliot's offensive "sausage rolls" term.

Burtop's mother has even threatened to take legal action against the school because of what she deems gender discrimination. However, the school district has reportedly clarified the intent behind the letter, claiming it's simply outdated.

"The administration acknowledges that some individuals have found certain language in the document to be inappropriate or in poor taste," a statement from the school administration read. "The document was drafted years ago, and the author of the document has since retired."

Still, students like Burtop say they're refusing to let the incident get in the way of their celebratory occasion.

"I just want the paper changed and for them to apologize to these girls because as 18-year-olds we're all insecure and impressionable," she said.