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Lil B Isn't Just Jinxing NBA Stars; He's Also Inspiring Yearbook Quotes

No, we're not joking.

Lil B's a rapper, a university lecturer and some have even said he can curse NBA stars. But each year, a few high school students apparently also turn to him for something else: yearbook quote inspiration.

B and his fans have shared a few examples of this on social media over the last few years - since at least 2012 - revealing the type of influence Based God's had on some pupils. Here's a look at why these students have chosen Lil B quotes:

  1. He's All About 'Love'
  2. He's Apparently The Reason This Guy Graduated
  3. He Knows 'We Don't Need An Answer'
  4. He Inspired This Student To Keep 'Trying'
  5. He Made 'History'
  6. His 'Swagg [Is] On A Hunnid Trillion'
  7. He Made This Teen Ponder Money's Impact
  8. He Made This Guy 'Take Heed'
  9. He Has 'Visions Of Peace'
  10. He's A 'Spirit'
  11. He Made This Teen 'Think' Before Moving
  12. He Walks 'A Path Of Greatness'
  13. He Advised This Student To 'Strive For Personal Excellence'

Now, people are regretting not quoting Lil B in their yearbooks, too.

Others are wondering why this doesn't happen more often.

And some are just thinking about which quote they'll use.

See? While some thought he was just about cursing NBA players and showing off the cooking dance, Lil B's been out here inspiring high school kids and their yearbook quotes for years.