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Thousands Of Fans, One Man: Here's Ed Sheeran's X Tour By The Numbers

From cover songs to new songs, we counted everything at Ed's show.

NEWARK, NJ- I've seen a lot of concerts, but I have to say, nothing really compares to Ed Sheeran's shows.

It's just him, his guitar and his loop pedal... oh, and thousands and thousands of screaming fans. Ed took the stage, and for two hours, completely entertained a sold-out crowd at Newark, New Jersey's Prudential Center on Saturday -- and I was one of those fans.

In between singing along to every song and being completely in awe that he's literally a one-man band, I decided to do a little observation... breaking down his show by the numbers.

So here's my take on Ed Sheeran's X tour:

  • 131: Times He's Hit The Stage
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    This is number 131 of 179 tour dates. That's a lot of shows.

  • 1: Man On Stage

    It's just Ed -- no back-up singers, no band, just a man and his guitar.

  • 8: Kinds Of Merch

    Lots of Multiply merch.

  • 1: New Song

    Ed delighted the crowd with an unreleased track off his X album, all about how he longs to be in the arms of his true love.

  • 2: Microphones

    Ed uses two mics the entire time, using one to record background vocals.

  • 14: Video Screens

    Basically 14 screens with Ed's face in it... no complaints here.

  • 1: Cartoon

    Ed has an animated couple dancing on the screens while he sings "Photograph" and makes all of our hearts melt.

  • 7: Cover Songs

    He's basically become the master of covers, and he certainly brought his A-game mixing "Don't" with "No Diggity" and Chris Brown's "Loyal." Later he threw in a little of Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" and 50 Cent's "In Da Club" over his track "You Need Me, I Don't Need You."

  • 1: Stage Photo

    Ed takes a photo of the stage every night, so I hope all those lucky people in the front smiled big.

  • 0: Proposals

    Unfortunately, no one decided to pop the question while at the show... at least not on stage.