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You Will Never Look At Breakfast The Same After Lil Mama's 'Sausage' Video

Lil Mama got the Internet popping.

Lil Mama sure knows how to cause a stir. The Brooklyn, New York raper scored a top 10 Billboard hit with her 2007 breakout single "Lip Gloss" and then made the Internet go crazy when she crashed Jay Z and Alicia Keys' set at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. Now, the self-proclaimed Voice of the Young People is back with a new music video that started trending on Twitter on Friday morning (May 29).

Yeah, we didn't see that coming.

"Sausage," which was released on, has drawn a ton of positive and negative reaction online, and we're sure we'll have a ton of memes by the day's end.

The track, which samples from Slick Rick's 1988 hip-hop classic "Mona Lisa," finds Lil Mama rapping about safe sex while using breakfast metaphors. No, really, she raps: "Eggs, bacon, grits, sausage/ You better use a condom if you're taking that sausage."

Errrrr, we're not making any grand proclamations about the track, but it will make you stop, take notice and smile.

Here are our favorite moments.

  • Lil Mama Is Here Y'all

    It's been a minute since Lil Mama has had a single, so she starts off her "Sausage" video like, "Here I am guys, did you miss me?"

  • The Face You Make When You Know Your TMNT Jacket Is Sick

    Where can we get that? Seriously.

  • That Time You Thought Mary J. Blige Made A Cameo

    Nope, that's Lil Mama paying homage to MJB.

  • Can't Be Mad At The Kids In The Video

    After all, she is the Voice of the Young People.

  • Rihanna's 'Rude Boy' Look

    Big up!

  • She Milly Rocks On Any Block

    If you don't know about this new dance craze (popularized by 2Milly), please get familiar.

  • Lil Mama, You Could Be As Big As Madonna

    Watch her vogue.