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This Is Why Ed Sheeran Won't Hook Up With Taylor Swift

And 9 more things you didn't know about Ed.

Just when you thought you knew everything about Ed Sheeran, he goes and surprises you.

The singer stopped by "The Breakfast Club" this week and gave a revealing interview, which had him talking about everything from hooking up with Taylor Swift to partying with Jamie Foxx to his almost meet-up with Eminem. Oh, and he rapped a Biggie verse, which will no doubt leave you impressed.

Here are 10 interesting, hysterical and head-scratching things we learned about Ed.

  1. No Romance Between Ed And Taylor Swift

    They've been BFFs for awhile, but some have wondered why they haven't taken their relationship to the next level. Well, it's pretty simple, she's "too tall."

    "She's too tall," he said. "I feel we look like cast members of 'The Hobbit,' she's like in the Elven Kingdom [...] and I'm like with the hairy feet."

  2. A Close Encounter With Katy Perry
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    After losing his sixth Grammy at this year's award show, Katy provided some words of encouragement, saying that "she lost 13 so don't worry about it." I guess she wanted to give Ed some type of prize for the night, and she asked him to smell her armpit. He declined.

  3. Keeping Up With The Kardashians
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    Turns out Ed is a fan; even though he's only watched it once he "enjoyed it." Just a warning, Ed, it gets addicting.

  4. Elton John Sent Him Porn

    Ed and Elton have become BFFs over the years, from playing together at the Grammys to Ed attending Elton's wedding and stealing his glasses -- but I don't think he realized just how close they were until he received some very unexpected emails.

    "Elton John runs the management company I am signed to and I got to U.S. customs -- this was about two years ago -- I had 17 new emails from him. I was like this might be quite important," he said. "And it was a girl bent over and a catapult with a ball."

  5. He Had A Rodeo Party With Jamie Foxx
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    Now most fans know that Jamie Foxx gave Ed his first big break when he invited him on his radio show, but some might not know that he actually stayed at Jamie's mansion for several days -- and the first night there he had a pretty memorable party.

    "I arrived at the house and we went to his friend's house party and Raphael Saadiq was the house band -- everyone was dressed up as a cowboy," he said. "It was a rodeo-themed birthday party."

  6. He Had McDonald's Parties With The Game
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    We have been eagerly awaiting Ed and The Game's joint album, but it's still going to be a while since it's not done yet. But, Ed did give some insight on how the collaboration came together. See, The Game's girl was a big fan of the British singer -- from there, the rapper invited him into the studio to make music and have some Mc'Ds.

    "We did five songs in a day and then I went back the next day [and] we did another five. He had loads of girls in the studio just eating McDonald's," he said. "You could find out when a song was good, because we would make a song and I'd be like, 'This is really good,' but they were just kind of there just eating their nuggets like whatever. And then we did a [DJ] Mustard beat one and they would be like, 'Smash hit!' That's how you know they work."

  7. Ed's Taking A Break
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    After he completes his world tour it appears as though Ed will be taking himself out of the spotlight for a little while to "just live" in the house he bought in his hometown and "do stuff, watch films."

  8. Ed Almost Lost His Sight
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    At the age of two, Ed had to undergo surgery to remove a birth mark that was turning into glaucoma, which meant he could have gone blind. While the surgery was a success, it did give him a stutter and a lazy eye.

  9. Uncle Jim Shady

    Ed's got a pretty awesome Uncle Jim, a.k.a. Jim Shady. His uncle was the first person to introduce Ed to Eminem's Marshall Mathers LP, which "opened the gateway" to his love of hip-hop music.

  10. Said No To Meeting Eminem
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    Ed is a huge fan of the rapper, but when it came time to meet him, through his collaborator Rick Rubin, he decided to wait to have a "proper conversation" and not just a photo op.

    He [Rick Rubin] was doing SNL with Eminem and he said, 'Do you want to come down and meet him?' and I said, 'Would he know who I am?' And he said, 'Unless you're an underground rapper from Detroit he wouldn't,' so I said, 'OK I'll wait,'" he said. "I waited to meet Jay Z and it was worth it because I got to go to dinner and have a proper conversation with him and I want to do that with Eminem."