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Beyoncé Shares Vaca Pics Of Pizza And Gelato, Just Like The Rest Of Us

The Carters are surprisingly average tourists — who knew?!

Time for a truth bomb: other people’s vacation pics are normally pretty effin’ boring. And the most “blah” of all the “blah” tourist-y photos are usually ones that involve plates of food. Yes, we’ve all seen pizza before, and it generally looks the same no matter which continent you’re on.

But when you’re Beyoncé, your travel scrapbooks are automatically elevated to a higher status that makes them essential viewing — even if they’re astoundingly and refreshingly normcore.

Along with sharing several FOMO-inducing snaps of classic paintings, sculptures, and stunning architecture on her family’s recent European excursion, Bey also showed off the local cuisine (lots of pizza and gelato) and glimpses of her, Jay Z, and their daughter Blue Ivy being average sightseers. Stars: they’re just like us!

  1. Here’s Bey showing off an obscenely mouth-watering piece of pizza that’s bigger than her face. Hopefully she got to scarf it down before that intrusive peasant in the background stole it from her (we see you eyeing that ‘za, bro).
  2. And here she is nomming on a cup of gelato while using a teeny-tiny spoon and making a face that screams either “foodgasm!” or “brainfreeze!” It also appears our queen has thrown her vegan diet out the window, because, ya know, WHEN IN ROME.
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  4. Here we see the cutest mother-daughter duo on the earth enjoying an old-fashioned family attraction: the carousel.
  5. After riding fake ponies to their hearts content, B and B cuddled up to take a pic that shows off how aggressively photogenic they are. Also, Blue’s little white bows are hereby the next must-have accessory, and will probably be seen on every catwalk this year.
  6. Last but most certainly not least, Beyoncé struck a sassy AF pose while wearing an ensemble that we could only describe as “citrus chic.”

You can see more pics from the “Carters take Italy” vaca on Beyoncé’s official website.