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See The Pretty Adorable Letter A Teenage Dave Grohl Wrote To His Musical 'Hero'

The future Foo Fighter shared a pic of an old letter to Ian MacKaye.

Who didn't have a childhood hero growing up?

Naturally, because he was the coolest kid alive, Dave Grohl's hero was the coolest dude ever, Ian MacKaye. As a founding member of both Minor Threat and Fugazi, as well as influential label Dischord Records, MacKaye is a major punk icon, but that doesn't mean he forgets his young fans.

In fact, for decades, MacKaye held onto a letter that little BB Dave David Grohl wrote to him. After unearthing the lost treasure and sharing with Grohl, the Foo Fighters frontman posted a pic of the letter via Twitter.

At the time, fourteen-year-old Grohl was looking to find "some people to get in touch with," presumably for making musical connections. He also included his phone number, signature, and which hours were best to contact him (3- 10pm).