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Is Odd Future Over? Please Tyler, Say It Ain't So

Freaking out.

When Odd Future broke through with their 2010 mixtape Radical, the off-beat California rap collective drew a ton of support from a rebellious audience, who bucked societal norms. It was an exciting time, but there are now fears that OFWGKTA is no more.

It all started on Wednesday night after the group's de facto leader, Tyler, the Creator, sent off a string of eyebrow-raising tweets.

Yes, Tyler So Much Has Happened.


Very True, No One Dresses Like Tyler.


Wait, OFWGKTA Is 7 Letters. What Are You Saying Tyler?


We Asked Ourselves The Same Thing.


Oh, False alarm. Whew! That was scary for a second.


We were all so concerned that MTV News reached out to a representative for the group for comment, who directed us straight to Tyler's tweets.

Now, Tyler didn't exactly say Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (that's the group's full name) has broken up, so it's a good thing we didn't jump to conclusions. Still, what other seven letters might he be referring to; because OFWGKTA is forever!

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