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Sorry Fans, Taylor Swift Is Not Your ‘MOM'

But she is your crazy Aunt Becky.

Taylor Swift is a lot of things: pop star, BFF, actress... but there is one thing that she will never be, and that is your mom.

A lot of us call our favorite stars MOM or DAD as a term of endearment, but one Swiftie's actual mom was not too happy that her daughter, Maddie, was calling someone else by her title.

“I really do like Taylor Swift. I am such a fan; but my daughter, Maddie, keeps calling her 'mom,'" the mom said in a video posted on Tumblr by her daughter. "I am her mom, I earned it! I did all the work! I loved her for all these years.”

Taylor saw the video, reblogged it, and added her own message to Maddie saying that she has not "earned the right" to be referred to as her "mom" -- instead, she asked to be called the crazy aunt.

"This is a passionate plea and I see her reasoning. Your mom birthed you. I was off playing in coffee houses. Your mom tended to you when you cried as a toddler. I drew lyrics on my arms and stomped around in cowboy boots while you cried in the night," she wrote. "Your mom taught you how to speak and read. I was like ‘come on! Let’s all have fun and jump around at this concert and paint our faces with glitter!’"

At the end of the post, Taylor managed to throw in a little joke, writing, "No, it's Aunt Becky," referring to the Tumblr phenom "No, it's Becky" that Swift supported when she wore this amazing T-shirt.