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Ja Rule And Ashanti Bless Us With A Reunion Tour, But There's A Catch

Murder Inc. reunion!

This type of news is always on time. (Sorry, I had to.)

Ja Rule and Ashanti have announced a joint tour and now we finally have a reunion from our favorite early aughts collaborators. Yes, the Murder Inc. friends, along with Craig David, are going on tour... in Australia.

So, naturally, this means we have to figure out how to afford a ticket to Australia, which is an ordeal. But can you blame them? I'd want to tour in that magical country, as well! Maybe instead of figuring out how to raise funds -- I'm certainly not cashing in my Pain is Love CD at Sam Goody -- we'll have to keep our fingers crossed that they're coming to the States.

Until then, let's think of all the ways I could've started this article:

"You'll be mesmerized by this news..."

"Well, this is just wonderful..."

"Cue the ad-libs: Ja Rule and Ashanti are going on tour (got to do, got to do wit it babe)..."

"This news with murder I-N-C you..."

I tried.

Here are the dates of the Ja Rule and Ashanti tour, according to MTV Australia:

Friday, July 17 – The Bank, Townsville (Ja Rule only)

Saturday, July 18 – Eaton Hills Hotel, Brisbane

Sunday, July 19 – The Pier, Geelong

Thursday, July 23 – Alice Springs (Ja Rule only)

Friday, July 24 – Co. at Level 3 at Crown, Melbourne (Ja Rule only)

Saturday, July 25 – Metro City, Perth

Sunday, July 26 – Sydney, LOCATION TBC