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Kendall And Kylie Jenner's Topshop Collaboration Finally Gets A Release Date

And it's closer than you think!

It's been a loooong few months since Kendall and Kylie Jenner broke the news that they're collaborating with Topshop, but the wait will be over soon. This week, the reality TV stars turned models and designers very quietly began posting to an Instagram account dubbed Kendall + Kylie, the name of their collective brand which has already collaborated with PacSun.

The updates were cryptic, but we were pretty sure this wasn't for PacSun because the typeface for their names, spelled out by a handful of posts, differs from the branding for their PacSun collection and so do the sketches. Plus, considering Kendall and Kylie's latest line for PacSun, an ode to festival wear, just dropped a couple of weeks ago, it wouldn't make sense for them to tease new sketches of PacSun togs now.

Our suspicions were confirmed with Topshop's launch of this short teaser video. Even better? It ends with a release date! Kendall and Kylie's Topshop "capsule summer wardrobe," will hit shelves globally on June 3 (as in next week!).

Going off of the line sheet Kylie is holds in this @kendallandkylie Instagram, [*flips computer upside down*] their line is going to be hella sophisticated. I see A-line skirts, a sleek overcoat, bodysuits, and strappy dresses all in monochromatic colors, which feel closer to Kendall and Kylie's personal styles than their recent PacSun lines.

Then, there's a sketch of Kendall and Kylie stunning in structural crop tops. Kendall wears a stitched bustier with belt-like straps, while Kylie shows her softer side in a dangerously high-cut halter top. The picture's caption? "Dreams in progress..."

Anyhow, June 3 is VERY SOON. Bye, gotta go get in line right this second.